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WHAT DO YOU CALL A STORY LENDER, RULE BENDER, HEART MENDER? STEVE BECKER by Blair Sorrel “The best investment on earth is earth.” philanthropist Louis Glickman’s adage underscores that in real estate, especially multi-unit investment, is the true fast track to wealth. Property and land owners reap manifold benefits of numerous monthly income, higher property value, less risk, and scalability. The savvy investor naturally gravitates to more units and greater revenue. For example, any building with more than four units constitutes commercial property and can be problematic to finance at many banks due to their very strict criteria being calculated by global income, fico scores, past history of bank liens, foreclosures, etcetera. One advantage Flexible Funding offers is using alternate financing sources. So where does the driven entrepreneur turn to pursue competitive financing? When the Pilgrims arrived so did the earliest known deeds. The Bay State boasted plentiful, affordable terrain enabling 90% of free males to become landowners before 1850. Flexible Funding would like to see this narrative perpetuate nationwide in the 21st century against all odds and conventional financing impediments. The services they offer remain crucial to the lifeblood of the entrepreneurial spirit of New Englanders to this day. There is great opportunity to cash out existing properties with the intent of expanding their portfolios. To Flexible Funding, the commercial loan broker with a lengthy track record of recognizing that individuals, aspirations, and properties are completely varied and will offer customized assistance to review the particular cash flow, mortgage history, collateral, and credit rating of each during a free, relaxed initial meeting. Flexible Funding surmounts the odds with specific to the scenario options such as Commercial Purchase Loans, Cash-Out Refinances, Bridge and Construction loans to provide the much needed wherewithal to those that banks have denied. Their financial expertise and rapport building have transformed those who despaired to business leaders who truly dare. Extraordinary circumstances can befall anyone at any time. Opportunity is always born of loss. A residential fire devastated a valued client leaving her so financially and emotionally depleted she could no longer make timely payments on her investment rental property. Even the most lenient lender was leery of partnering with her. Indefatigable, Flexible Funding persevered with a tireless commitment to her cause and the industry’s perhaps most ingenious storytelling skills to secure the reserve she sought and the possibility of a fresh new start and rosier professional future. In stark contrast but of equal importance is the day to day assistance that Flexible Funding offers those in need and typical of the transactions they perform are listed below: Office Condo purchase Stoughton, Massachusetts – $100,000 Four condominiums purchase in San Francisco, California – $6,000,000 Commercial property Marlborough, Massachusetts – $250,000 Refinancing of a seven unit Hampton Beach, New Hampshire – $313,000 Fix and Flip House in Taunton, Massachusetts – $155,000 Cash Out Boston, Massachusetts Condominium – $450,000 Cash Out Apartment Building, New Jersey – $850,000 Cash Out 2 Investment 2-Families, Norwood MA – $700,000    
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